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New Release May 2024

Learning Social Literacy

Can social life become more civil? Are children learning to care about themselves as well as other people? In a world that says it values relationship, do we understand what's involved in meeting human need so people can flourish in these relationships? This book offers a perspective on making human connections more stable and satisfying and claims that the exchange depends on learning how to read and interpret what's going on during social interaction. Social literacy is the ability and willingness to read what's going on during our encounters with others so that we remain true to ourselves (authentic) and yet remain well connected to other people (integrated).

Love Builds Brains

You'll never look at child development the same way again.

Dr. Clinton lays out the early years' journey of attachment, self-regulation, connection, resilience and well-being, and does so with scientific explanations measured out in understandable doses. This book is full of deeply researched wisdom, offered in a conversational style. It's like having a coffee and a chat with Jean as you sit at her kitchen table.

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(CanadianPaediatric Society review – Emmett Francoeur)

JeanClinton delivers the strongest of arguments for the need to zero in on early years to nurture and promote the mental health of children. She describes how the brain’s plasticity makes it exquisitely capable of change, particularly in the early years but also over the lifespan. She does so with the special touch of a mother-grandmother-physician who knows about “feeling felt” and the need for the “drip-by-drip” consistent and sensitive responsiveness of the loving caretaker.


Thick Listening at Thin Moments

A welcome manual for chaplains, pastors and spiritual caregivers in any context.

The book focuses on theory and is rich with scenarios that demonstrate ideas conveyed in each chapter. Its theoretical groundwork is balanced by comprehensive descriptions of clinical implications for spiritual care practice based on theories presented throughout its pages.


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