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NEW: available July 2020

Learning Social Literacy

Can social life become more civil? Are children learning to care about themselves as well as other people? In a world that says it values relationship, do we understand what's involved in meeting human need so people can flourish in these relationships? This book offers a perspective on making human connections more stable and satisfying and claims that the exchange depends on learning how to read and interpret what's going on during social interaction. Social literacy is the ability and willingness to read what's going on during our encounters with others so that we remain true to ourselves (authentic) and yet remain well connected to other people (integrated).

A Word of Hope

A Word of Hope offers a sympathetic, yet biblically grounded perspective on how to faithfully live out the Christian faith ways that are authentic to Aboriginal cultures. Stelter offers a well-researched guide that is not only academically sound, but reaches deeply into his own experience at the heart of cultural identity.

Gardening the Heart

Gardening the Heart is a book of forty devotions and one short story for women who want their faith to be rooted in God and nourished by Scripture. The heart is a garden. And those who follow Christ are called to tend the garden so it becomes a place of rest and refreshment for us to enjoy, as well as a welcoming place for those we love - even for the stranger. Joyce Bellous encourages women to think more deeply about what it means to be Christian and female.

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